Florida Foreclosure Property

Here at ForeclosuresDaily we tell you all about foreclosed property, pre foreclosures, and how to make great real estate investments – all direct from the professionals in the Florida real estate foreclosures market! Why are we experts in Florida foreclosure property? Because we eat, sleep, breathe and live Florida foreclosures! Literally! Our company has its headquarters in Largo, Pinellas County, Florida.

Our website tells you that each state has different laws about foreclosures, and being right here in Florida, it was natural for us to delve into this market thoroughly. In fact, Foreclosures Daily got its start in Florida and North Carolina markets. Soon after we started, we were doing business in more than 34 counties. We were in the courthouses of both states providing pre foreclosure, auction, and bankruptcy information to our clients. Now we’re also in Illinois.

Florida Foreclosure Homes

Each state has its own laws that dictate the manner of foreclosure. One important aspect of the law is whether the foreclosures are primarily handled in the courts (judicial) or outside the courts (non-judicial). The Florida foreclosure property market is done in only one manner, and Florida foreclosure property is handled judicially. The entire Florida foreclosure home process for a Florida foreclosure home takes about 5 months.

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