Distressed Homeowners Leads

Today’s successful real estate investor must be more aggressive in their search for distressed homeowners leads in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, PA, Texas, Virginia and United States major areas. These are important to the investor’s strategies. Gone are the days of the foreclosure glut and pre foreclosure shopping trips. It takes a more strategic approach to locate not only distressed but other properties with opportunities for discounted purchase. Distressed homeowners leads are estate properties, abandoned homes, or homes that the owners need to sell very quickly.

Homeowners are prime targets for real estate investors looking to buy or refinance distressed properties.  Hidden and hard to track because of life change events, however, our unique process allows us to identify them at their current address. In many cases the homes are prime “flipping” properties in need of simple updates before maximizing the return on investment. Why wait? Target these high value, highly responsive, untapped, cutting edge distressed homeowners leads in demand.

Distressed homeowners – Real Estate’s Silver Lining

Distress sale is associated with the sale of any kind of asset that happens in an urgent manner. The urgency to sell arises because of a lack of fund situation. This type of sale can happen in case of

  • Rising debts and/or mortgage payments

  • Divorce

  • Probate properties

  • Delinquent tax situations

  • Bankruptcy or foreclosures

  • Relocation

Distressed homeowners are one of the most revenue-generating segments for the real estate buyer or investor. This is because of two main reasons –

  1. It is cheap – The homeowner needs the money so badly that he is ready to sell at a value that is way less than the market value of the property.

  2. It is fast – The urgency of the situation will almost force the home owner to sell off immediately thus making the process quick.

Foreclosuredaily.com – the one-stop source for verified distressed homeowners leads

It has been more than a decade that we have been creating databases pertaining to distressed property leads in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, PA, Texas, Virginia and nationwide. The list generated by us is updated on a regular basis so that old and invalid data is removed, and only correct and current data reaches our clients.

While many such dubious lead generators present in the market today, we are trustworthy because we have been working in this particular field since 2004. The list of distressed homeowners generated by us is all encompassing – they are qualified distressed homeowners leads; correct and authentic leads that will help you gain access to numerous such homeowners in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, PA, Texas, Virginia and nationwide who are desperately looking out to sell off their properties at reasonable prices and resolve their financial distress.

We source information to prepare our distressed homeowners list from trusted channels like the tax assessor’s website, from the probate court office and many other such validated sources. It saves your precious time, energy and money to look for reliable resources, qualify them and then focus on converting them. Our lead generating service ensures that the basic work of obtaining genuine contact information is done by us so that you can concentrate on growing your business by converting these leads.

Regardless of where you dabble in the financial marketplace. Financial risks that work out in your favor are sometimes handsomely rewarded.

Foreclosure paperwork was served on one , out of every 624 homes, with in January 2012.  Once the federal government settled with the nation’s largest banks concerning the robo signing scandal, a new stock of foreclosed homes hit the market.  Although some believe bargain basement prices for distressed properties may has ended. There is a large inventory of distressed homeowners list in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, PA, Texas, Virginia and United States major areas.

Distressed Homeowners Leads

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