Enhanced Renters Real Estate Leads Enhanced Renters Real Estate Leads

Enhanced Renters Leads allows you to select Renters by location, modeled credit score, age, income, dwelling type, and marital status.

When you think about real estate leads may not be renters. With enhanced Renters Leads  there is a huge opportunity you have to transition apartment dwellers, for example, to homeowners, you might want to consider marketing to this group as part of your portfolio of potential home buyer leads.  Renters possess a unique position in real estate.  The renter for many reasons that they may or may not make great home buyer leads. Knowing what those reason are and how owning a home may benefit this will allow you to target them effectively. Potential reasons for renting include, They may be currently looking to buy their first home after renting for so long.

A few may not have been able to afford the home they used to live in and found renting to be a great option until they could do a better search for a permanent house to call their own at a better price point. By adding renters to your list of home buying prospects, you could be tapping into a market that few are working with. It will also give you more leverage when these renters need potential upgrades in their housing down the road. With their friends who are also currently renting, they could be a great resource for referrals. Get creative, do some research and speak their language, and you’ll have a new group of home buyers to draw from.

Enhanced renters mailing lists are highly marketable in the Mortgage, Banking and Real Estate industries. The Banking and Credit Card industry also direct mails to the renter lists, since many of them are under-banked and represent great potential. Here at ForeclosuresDaily we have been doing this since 2004. 

Probate Real Estate Leads with the ForeclosuresDaily difference?

Specifically, we attach probate real estate Leads with your customize Probates Leads.  Leads are always  fresh.  Daily data delivery daily daily in most, the cases.  Property appraiser’s information is included on most properties, saving you valuable time. 

Alternatively most companies do not probate real estate leads provide daily and/or weekly fresh data. In fact they typically provide quarterly or monthly data and do not usually farm for real estate.

What is the ForeclosuresDaily difference?

The result is real estate leads. We connect our customers with motivated real estate sellers.  We deliver.

Our data is process encompesess input from  clerk of the court, the property appraisers , public notices and other filters. The end result is real estate leads.

Unlike our competitors with turn around time of 1-3 months old leads. We here at Foreclosures Daily understand the importance of having fresh data!

ForeclosuresDaily.com is #1 nationwide real estate lead provider Since 2004.