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Since 2004 we have supplied the industry's hottest off-market real estate leads. Find real estate at wholesale prices and off the retail grid. Raw data is cross-referenced and delivered to you in one day in most states. We get you first on the scene at warp speed. Take advantage of finding real estate with actual equity from motivated sellers. Our products consist of Foreclosure, Probate, Pre-probate, Inheritance, Divorce, Eviction, Code Enforcement, etc. Us doing the research will save you time, so you can focus on revenue-generating activities such as wholesaling, rehabbing, and flipping properties. Finding you a Probate deal is our mission. Furthermore, we gauge our success as a company by the success of our customers.

The last thing you want is to market to people with old data. We've heard horror stories of wasting time and money only to find out the real estate sold months ago. Don't let it happen to you.

What is a probate real estate deal?

In the real estate industry, Probate treats as an asset. Apart from other dealings, this industry also deals with the selling and buying of properties, the owner of which is a person who got the property from their ancestor and wants to sell the properties in Probate. People who own or get properties from their ancestors sometimes don't reside in the house and often sell to raise money—the real estate industry in buying and selling using probate leads.


Real Meaning of Probate:

To understand Probate real estate leads, we need to first look at what is Probate for sale? Probate is a judicial process in which a probate court has all the power to decide whether is Probate meets all the legal norms and whether a person named in a will through legal authority to execute the wishes made by a deceased person. Probate is a legal term that stands for the judicial process by a probate court to validate Probate and appoint an executor. In general, a will and the wishes made in the same are followed accordingly, as well as the Probate is validated, and an executor is appointed following through verification.

Features of Probate for real estate

We can discuss the matter in the following points:

The deceased in their lifetime accumulate houses and other assets. After the death,  these assets must be transferred to the person or to the person the deceased wished to be shared. In general, before their end, a person makes a will where they mention their wishes of what to be done with their properties after death. But, sometimes, people die accidentally without a will.

In this case, the court intervened to settle what to do with the deceased person's properties. In these two cases, the probate court decides what to do with the properties of a dead person if the person has died accidentally without a will.

A legal procedure known as Probate comes to the question of the property owner to whom the concerned property needs to be transferred. The CourtCourt determines the wishes made by a deceased person in a particular will. People who get properties from their ancestors sell them. In small percentages, people who own properties from their ancestors keep them.

But, most people, who generally get ancestors' properties want to sell the same rather than keep them. This may be because the person getting property from an ancestor already owns their properties to live and for other purposes. This makes them decide to sell the properties they get from their ancestors.

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Motivated sellers 

Defining a "motivated seller" is a property owner willing to sell the home below market value. The term could also refer to someone who would considerably sell their property with terms that favor you. Some favorable real estate terms include no money down, no interest, or a solid financing plan. In some cases, you'll find a seller that meets many of these criteria.

More often than not, a motivated seller has a strict timeline that they are trying to meet. For instance, their goal is to move the property quickly, which is part of the reason why you may have access to it at a low cost.

When something seems too good to be true in life, it often is. However, certain real estate investments buck the trend and prove to be the exception when capitalized on effectively.

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Another critical point is real estate networking. A point often overlooked is real estate meetups and clubs. There are plenty of resources for new and seasoned investors. Were approved vendors nationwide. Meet our staff at an event near you. Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. Calendar of events   Youtube 


Well-Versed Team

In particular, decades of experience in the real estate industry. Our highly skilled professionals are committed to providing unparalleled personalized services of high quality to all our clients. In other words, we make sure that our customers find motivated real estate sellers.


Why Buy A Probate Deal?

Moreover, buying a house with probate real estate leads is wholesale pricing. Particularly properties have value for buyers getting a great deal when purchasing a home.

For instance, the number one benefit of buying probate houses is getting wholesale prices. The heirs to the property are generally willing to sell for considerably lower prices than the market value. On the other hand, they do not intend to keep the property. In particular, a lower purchase price makes it convenient to obtain financing. Additionally, buying low increases the possibility of making some desirable changes and reselling the house at a profit. Thus, pre probate properties can help you earn a good amount of money.

Especially, Probate Deal can be an extremely intensive process. Considering,, professionals have a wealth of knowledge in the real estate industry. We conduct detailed research and find all the imperative information regarding the best probate investing leads. We do all the necessary footwork for you. All you have to do is focus on making the deal.

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How Should you proceed with a house in probate sale?

So you have found a deal on our platform and want to invest and make a profit. Working with the real estate leads with Probate investing, I know how to market and approach a grieving family. The ability does not offend anyone, so these lucrative leads don't slip by.

We recommend sending them a letter first. You can explain how you can help or express your interest in the property. Frame it politely and allow them to get in touch with you. Some heirs won't acknowledge your letters, while others will respond and be willing to open discussions.

Unique real estate marketing

Wholesalers, we recommend using a 4 to a 6 step mailing campaign over the next 6 months. Being first at the door and being consistent with marketing is very crucial when you are investing. “The early bird gets the worm” and “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” really comes into play when it comes to marketing to these type of lists! Using unique marketing techniques will also help ensure that your mail gets opened. Unique Marketing techniques such as, different sized envelopes, colored letters, handwritten letters, special markings and certain statements on the back of the envelopes can also help. Additional savvy marketing  resources real estate skip tracing. ForeclosuresDaily customers receive our marketing toolbox.

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