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The most astute investors know that buying real estate in probate brings in the highest returns. Each year, property investors make millions buying and selling probate properties. But finding all of the information is an extremely detailed and labor-intensive process, and the vast majority of listings on the web are old, incomplete, or inaccurate. The amount of time each probate lead takes to investigate is massive. One bad lead and you could waste days or more of your valuable time.

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We guarantee that our leads are the best in the nation. The most accurate, the most detailed, the most up-to-date. Guaranteed. As an investor, we understand that the most important thing to you is being able to identify a good financial opportunity. Our listings are designed to let you know immediately the financial and physical property details so you can make a sound investment.

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We help you find foreclosure properties right in your backyard or in every state in the country. We have listings in almost every county in the nation so you’ll never miss an opportunity to make a dollar selling probate real estate.

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Stephen founded way back in 2004 when nobody was doing probate leads online. 14 years later and we are still the leading source for the web’s best residential real estate leads. Nobody has been in this business longer than us. When you partner with us, you get service that has stood the test of time.

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Most metropolitan cities have up to $1 billion dollars in assets in probate. Our leads range from large houses to condos and farms. There’s nothing that we don’t cover. If it’s in probate, you’ll find it here.

Why Buy a House in Probate?

Did you know that there are nearly 6 million properties in probate around the USA at any given time? These properties total billions of dollars in assets. Buying a house in probate or foreclosure is widely recognized as one of the best ways to get an incredible deal on a home. You can get amazing properties for pennies on the dollar.

The key is in the seller’s motivation. When a person passes away and a home enters probate, the money will then be dispersed to pay debts or be passed on to the estate’s beneficiaries. This motivation creates a buyer’s market. The executors of the estate are in a rush to sell off everything and get it over with. That’s where you come in. If the beneficiaries aren’t using a professional service to handle the sales, there are even better deals to be had. This gives savvy investors like you the chance to land an amazing deal at crazy low prices.

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