Absentee Owners Leads

       A list of absentee owners leads are ideal for real estate professionals looking for motivated sellers.  The majority of absentee owners are those who own single family homes.  When the owners do not occupy the real estate, they develop management issues. Absentee ownership in residential rental properties is a different situation more than corporate absentee ownership.  When individuals do not live near their investment property to actively manage it.  Owner’s may be in the same city or they may be in an entirely different part of the country or world. Individual absentee owners can also choose to use a third party to manage their properties.

That said, there is always a headache factor,  in making certain the management company is doing their job. Without a management company, absentee owners have to periodically check in on their properties. There can be problems with tenant oversight or the property itself is neglected.  The challenges of absentee ownership make these properties a target for other real estate investors. Absentee owners are potential motivated sellers. Consequently, real estate investors compile lists of absentee owners as leads for property deals.Our researchers are at county courthouses throughout the USA on a daily basis.

They examine the case files while extracting pertinent information from them. We then combine the data with the county tax assessor’s and property appraiser’s office. This gives our clients a clear and concise view of the financial and physical description of the subject property. You will know immediately if a case meets your specific criteria. ForeclosuresDaily.com does the time consuming and labor intensive, yet crucial job of compiling data in one centralized location so that you can focus on getting the deals.