Clerk Data Limited Liability Company is committed to keeping any personal information collected from those individuals who visit our website and use our online facilities and services accurate, confidential, secure, and private. THEREFORE, this Privacy Policy Agreement shall apply to and govern any data collection and usage. By using and, you agree to the following data procedures that are included in this agreement.

Collection of Information

This website collects various types of information, such as Voluntarily provided information, including your name, address, email address, billing, credit card information, etc., which may be used when you purchase products and services and deliver the services you requested. Data is automatically collected when visiting our website, which may include cookies, third-party tracking technologies, and server logs. Please rest assured that this site shall only collect the personal information you knowingly and willingly provide through surveys, completed membership forms, and emails. This site intends to use personal information only for the requested purpose and any other uses expressly provided on this site. It is even possible that we may gather information about your computer hardware and software. Such collected information may include, but may not be limited to, your IP address, browser type, domain name, access, and various website addresses. This information may be gathered and used to maintain the quality of service we provide and provide overall general statistics related to the use of our website and others. It is highly recommended and suggested that you review the privacy policies and statements of any website you use or frequent to understand better how other websites gamers use and share information collected.

Use of Information we collect

Clerk Data Limited Liability Company may collect and use personal information to help operate our website and ensure you get the services you need and request. Sometimes, we may require personally identifiable information about other possible products and new services. Clerk Data Limited Liability Company does not now, nor will it, in the future, sell, rent, or lease any of its customer lists and names to any third parties. Clerk Data Limited Liability Company may deem it necessary to follow websites and pages where users may frequent what types of services and products may be the most popular to the general public. Clerk Data Limited Liability Company may disclose your personal information without prior notice to you,  only if required to do so according to applicable laws and in a good faith belief that such action is deemed necessary or required to Conform to decrees, regulations, and statutes or to comply to any process which may be served upon Clerk Data Limited Liability Company and its website; Safeguard and preserve all the rights and property of; Clerk Data Limited Liability Company and Perform under demanding conditions to safeguard the personal safety of users of and and the general public.

Children Under the Age of 13

Clerk Data Limited Liability Company does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under thirteen (13) without verifiable parental consent. Suppose it is determined that such information has been inadvertently collected on anyone under the age of thirteen (13). In that case, we shall immediately take the necessary steps to ensure that such information is deleted from our system's database. Anyone under thirteen (13) must seek and obtain parent or guardian permission to use this website.

Unsubscribe or Opt-Out

All users and visitors to our website can discontinue receiving communication from us and reserve the right to stop receiving communications through email or newsletters. To stop or unsubscribe to our website, please send an email that you'd like to unsubscribe to If you want to unsubscribe or opt out from any third-party websites, you must go to that specific website to unsubscribe and opt out.

Links to Other Web Sites

Our website does contain links to affiliates and other websites. Clerk Data Limited Liability Company does not claim or accept responsibility for any privacy policies, practices, or statements on websites. Therefore, we encourage all users and visitors to be aware when they leave our website and read every website's privacy statements that collect personally identifiable information. The Privacy mentioned above Policy Agreement applies only and solely to the information collected by our website.


Clerk Data Limited Liability Company shall take every precaution to maintain adequate physical, procedural, and technical security concerning its offices and information storage facilities. Hence, to prevent the loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, or modification of the user's personal information under our control. The company also uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for authentication and private communications to build users' trust and confidence in the internet and website use by providing simple and secure access and transmission of credit cards and personal information.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Clerk Data Limited Liability Company reserves the right to update and change the terms of our privacy policy. We will post those changes to our website homepage under any circumstances; if any, we may disclose such information. If, at any point in time, Clerk Data Limited Liability Company decides to make use of any personally identifiable information on file in a manner vastly different from that which was stated when this information was initially collected, the user or users shall be promptly notified by email. Users at that time shall have the option as to whether or not to permit the use of their information in this different manner.

Acceptance of Terms

Using this website, you now accept the terms and conditions stipulated in the Privacy above Policy Agreement. If you disagree with our terms and conditions, you should refrain from further use of our sites. In addition, your continued use of our website following the posting of any updates or changes to our terms and conditions shall mean that you are in agreement and acceptance of such changes.

How can we be contacted?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy Agreement related to our website, please feel free to contact us at the following email, telephone number, or mailing address.

Clerkdata Messaging Policy

This Messaging Policy applies to SMS, MMS, Chat, and WhatsApp messaging channels. We all expect that the messages we want to receive will reach us unhindered by filtering or other blockers. A critical step Twilio and our customers can take to make that expectation reality is to prevent and eliminate unwanted messages. Towards that end, we strive to work with our customers so that messages are sent with the consent of the message recipient and that those messages comply with applicable laws, communications industry guidelines or standards, and measures of fairness and decency.

This principle is central to the Clerkdata Acceptable Use Policy. Messaging treats all messaging transmitted via the Clerkdata platform - regardless of the use case or phone number type (e.g., extended code, shortcode, or toll-free) - as Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging. All A2P messages originating from Twilio are subject to this Messaging Policy, which covers rules and prohibitions regarding:

Consent ("opt-in");

Revocation of Consent ("opt-out");

Sender Identification;

Messaging Usage;

Filtering Evasion and


This policy applies to all customers who use messaging channels. Suppose you allow your end-users or clients to send messages through Clerkdata, for example, as an ISV (Independent Software Vendor). In that case, you are responsible for the messaging activity of these users. You must ensure that any messaging activity your users generate complies with Clerkdata policies.

Consent / Opt-in

What Is Proper Consent?

Consent can't be bought, sold, or exchanged. For example, you can't obtain the permission of message recipients by purchasing a phone list from another party.

Aside from two exceptions noted later in this section, meeting each of the consent requirements listed below would be best. Suppose you are a software or platform provider using Twilio's platform for messaging within your application or service. In that case, you must require your customers to adhere to these requirements when dealing with their users and customers.

Consent Requirements

Before sending the first message, you must obtain agreement from the message recipient to communicate with them - this is referred to as "consent," you must make clear to the individual they are agreeing to receive messages of the type you're going to send. You need to record the consent, such as a copy of the document form the message recipient signed or a timestamp of when the customer completed a sign-up flow.

Suppose you do not send an initial message to that individual within a reasonable period after receiving consent (or as set forth by local regulations or best practices). In that case, you must reconfirm consent in the first message you send to that recipient.

The consent applies only to you and to the specific use or campaign to which the recipient approves. You can't treat it as blanket consent allowing you to send messages from other brands or companies you may have or additional messages about other uses or campaigns.

Proof of opt-in consent should be retained by local regulations or best practices after the end-user opts out of receiving messages.

Alternative Consent Requirements

While consent is always required, and the requirements noted above are generally the safest path, there are two scenarios where permission can be received differently.

Contact initiated by an individual

If an individual sends a message to you, you are free to respond in exchange with that individual. For example, if an individual texts your phone number asking for your hours of operation, you can respond directly to that individual, relaying your open hours. In such a case, the individual's inbound message to you constitutes both consent and proof of consent. Remember that consent is limited only to that particular conversation. Unless you obtain additional consent, don't send messages outside that conversation.

Informational content to an individual based on a prior relationship

You may send a message to an individual with whom you have a prior relation with the ship, provided that individual provided their phone number to you, has taken some action to trigger the potential communication, and has not preferred not to receive messages from you. Activities include a button press, alert setup, appointments, or order placements. Examples of acceptable statements in these scenarios include appointment reminders, receipts, one-time passwords, order/shipping/reservation confirmations, drivers coordinating pick-up locations with riders, and repair persons confirming service call times.

The message can't attempt to promote a product, convince someone to buy something, or advocate for a social cause.

Periodic Messages and Ongoing Consent

Suppose you intend to send messages to a recipient on an ongoing basis. In that case, you should confirm the recipient's consent by clearly reminding them how to unsubscribe from those messages using standard opt-out language (defined below). It would help if you also respected the message recipient's preferences in terms of frequency of contact. You also need to proactively ask individuals to reconfirm their consent as set forth by local regulations and best practices.

Identifying Yourself as the Sender

Every message you send must identify you (the party that obtained the opt-in from the recipient) as the sender, except in follow-up messages of an ongoing conversation.


The initial message you send to an individual needs to include the following language: "Reply STOP to unsubscribe," .

Individuals must be able to revoke consent by replying with a standard opt-out keyword. When an individual opts out, you may deliver one final message to confirm that the opt-out has been processed, but any subsequent statements are not allowed. An individual must once again provide consent before sending any additional notes.

Usage Limitations

Content We Do Not Allow

The key to ensuring that messaging remains an excellent channel for communication and innovation is preventing the abusive use of messaging platforms. That means we never allow some types of content on our platform, even if our customers get consent from recipients for that content. Clerkdata Acceptable Use Policy prohibits sending any content that is illegal, harmful, unwanted, inappropriate, objectionable, confirmed to be criminal misinformation or otherwise poses a threat to the public, even if the content is permissible by law. Other prohibited uses include:

Anything illegal in the jurisdiction where the message recipient lives. Examples include, but are not limited to:

Cannabis. Messages related to cannabis are not allowed in the United States as federal laws prohibit its sale, even though some states have legalized it. Similarly, messages associated with CBD are not permissible in the United States, as certain states prohibit its sale. Twilio defines a cannabis message as any message related to the marketing or sale of a cannabis product, regardless of whether or not those messages explicitly contain cannabis terms, images, or links to cannabis websites.

Prescription Medication. Offers for prescription medication that cannot legally be sold over the counter are prohibited in the United States.

Hate speech, harassment, exploitation, abuse, or any communication originate from a hate group.

Fraudulent messages.

Malicious content, such as malware or viruses.

Any content that is designed to evade filters (see below) intentionally.

Country-Specific Rules

All messages should comply with the rules applicable to the country in which the message recipient lives, which can be found in our Country-Specific Guidelines. Additionally, Twilio has Country Specific Requirements for select countries, which you should review before sending a message to recipients in or from those countries.

Age and Geographic Gating

If you are sending messages in any way related to alcohol, firearms, gambling, tobacco, or other adult content, then more restrictions apply. In addition to obtaining consent from every message recipient, you must ensure that no recipient is younger than the legal age of support based on where the recipient is located. You also must ensure that the message content complies with all applicable laws of the jurisdiction where the recipient is located or practical communications industry guidelines or standards.

You need to be able to provide proof that you have in place measures to ensure compliance with these restrictions

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