I am a real estate investor, sharing my success finding motivated sellers
at wholesale prices. Buying at the lowest possible price is a recipe for success.
Thanks for the many years of appreciation
from our customers. I’m
thankful for a successful career. I love
to travel and feel like
I'm on vacation every day in Florida.

Stephen Cantor, CEO
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Joe Montagna has been Marketing Director since 2016. Worked in
the Finance and Real Estate industry for 20 years. Joe enjoys
helping other investors. Joe is an advocate for breast cancer survivors. Joe
enjoys spending time with his loving wife and their dog, Doogie. 

Joe Montagna, Marketing Director
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I have been working for ForeclosuresDaily since 2004. I have surrounded
myself with entrepreneurs and highly successful business professionals, and
I love my clients. My passion is fishing, firearms, the outdoors, and
spending time with my family.

Tangie Cousins, Senior Accounts Manager
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Investor and Realtor Support Associate with Foreclosures Daily since 2007. I enjoy
helping my clients achieve and maintain their goals as Successful Real Estate
Professionals. Proud Mother of 4 Amazing Children. Born and raised in Florida,
I enjoy Gardening, Fishing, Boating, and spending time with my kids. I believe the
world is full of Endless Possibilities; you have to believe, and you will achieve!

Angela Hernandez, Accounts Manager
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I have been working for ForeclosuresDaily since 2018.
Born and raised in "East LA"! California State University, Los Angeles

I understand the challenges in today's competitive real estate market. My
career in real estate and the ability to help others give me great satisfaction.

Nicolas Chacon, Western USA Territory Manager
Phone: 813-563-0005 ext. 7