To be the nation's #1 provider of off-the-retail grid real estate information.  

Our researchers work daily at County courthouses, County tax assessors, and property appraiser offices throughout the USA. Our proprietary algorithm extracts pertinent information and quickly brings your updated real estate information. Our customers get a clear and concise view of the financial and physical description of the subject property. Our database is updated as information becomes available. You will know right away if a property meets your specific criteria. We do the consuming and labor-intensive yet crucial job of compiling data so that you can focus on getting the deals.

Unlike our competitors, we are working while our competitors are sleeping. We are getting the data sometimes months before our competitors. We only supply fresh new data. Experience the difference.

We do not invest in foreclosures or probate investing, and we don't compete with our subscribers. We serve as a data listing service only. We do not offer to sell, purchase, or solicit for the sale of real estate.

Are you new to investing in a large corporation and looking for distressed real estate? Our data will give you the ultimate edge.

Maybe you're a seasoned real estate investor looking for the most recent new cases filed with the court or detailed information on upcoming Lends, Auctions, Probates, Divorce, and many more.

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