Divorce Leads

Divorce Leads are one of the most powerful and under-appreciated real estate lead types that ForeclosuresDaily offers. Information about when people have filed for divorce, and there detailed real estate is what ForeclosuresDaily is about.  As a savvy real estate investor or real estate broker,  marketing for new clients as an attorney, you can position yourself at the right place at the right time, when the homeowners realize they need to sell. Data is where ForeclosuresDaily shines. Divorce Leads we supply with the real estate information attached are the most detailed and accurate in the industry.

Real estate agents and brokers, deals that spring from divorce are an inevitable slice of the business. For most agents, this is an accidental expertise. For others, it is a niche. Even in difficult circumstances, however, homes do eventually sell, at which point the parting couple gathers up the pieces and real estate agents are called in.

There are multiple ways a divorcing couple can deal with their home. One party can sign over ownership to the other. They can continue co-owning. Some couples end up going through foreclosure and/or bankruptcy. You are targeting couples who want to sell their home as quickly as possible so they can both move on. Handling these leads can be delicate and tricky, sometimes, though. People in most cases have very little idea about how the process of divorce works. Divorces are a great place to get real estate or listings. Most of the time, when you think about it, what do couples do with there real estate when they divorce. They need to list their home. It’s a great opportunity.

Divorce leads are some of the best sources of motivated sellers in the market. You can make money with divorce leads. Get Divorce Leads from the most trusted, accurate and detailed lead provider since 2004.

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