Eviction Leads, what I mean is we are getting the addresses of landlords who have recently filed an eviction notice to get rid of a tenant. These landlords are more likely to be fed up with the rental business and want out.

When an asset quits performing, the thought of selling might creep into their mind. You hit them with a postcard or letter, asking them if they’re interested in selling their property.

Now they’ve seen dozens, if not thousands of postcards asking them to sell. But this particular postcard brings up the pain points of owning a property. It says, “Are you going through an eviction?” Yes they are. “Are you tired of late and no rent?”  Yes, they are. Your phone will start ringing with motivated sellers. Eviction leads are really great for those landlords who just get in over their heads,and want to just get out and sell  the real estate as quick as possible.

What is the ForeclosuresDaily difference?

The leads provided by Foreclosures Daily will have real estate attached and will be delivered fresh either Daily or Weekly. Property appraiser’s information is included on most properties, saving you valuable time. 

Most Companies do not provide daily and/or weekly fresh data. They typically provide quarterly or monthly data and do not usually farm for real estate. This means you would be marketing to people who have no property to sell and are at a minimum of 1-3 months old. 

We here at Foreclosures Daily understand the importance of having fresh data! 

ForeclosuresDaily.com is a nationwide lead provider that has been in business since 2004. We strive to be the Internet’s number one destination for the most detailed, timely and accurate information!