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Are you on a search for Foreclosure properties in and around Florida? Want to invest in properties with more excellent prospects and lesser prices? ForeclosuresDaily brings the best off-market real estate deals for you. We are dedicated to finding real estate with actual equity from motivated sellers and bringing you an amalgamation of such properties. So, whether you are competing for real estate or planning to invest or purchase foreclosed homes in FL, we got your back.

ForeclosuresDaily works across raw data to bring verified real estate information. We work at warp speed to connect our customers with sellers for the best deals. We realize how horrifying it is to waste your time and money on a property sold months ago. And taking enough knowledge from such situations, we vowed to work with new and relevant data to save you time and money.

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Off-market real estate refers to homes that are either not for sale or are for sale but not listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Services). Generally, foreclosed and probate properties are listed off the market because they desire privacy. These off-market properties often give real estate investors and buyers an excellent opportunity to find a lucrative deal. Are you looking to buy a foreclosed home in Florida? Get in touch!

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Buying and selling off-market real estate can let you make a significant transfer of wealth. Since these properties are usually priced much lower than the actual market value, they offer you a chance to buy low and sell high. The easiest way to find off-market homes is to connect with a reputed real estate agent or browse through real estate auction sites. Want to add off-market properties to your real estate portfolio? Explore the list of motivated off-market real estate sellers here!

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With the idea of bringing a one-stop solution for all real estate data, we are dedicated to bringing information on available foreclosed homes in Florida. Our skilled and well-informed team can introduce fresh leads so that you get the first scope to connect with potential sellers.

We understand the psychology of sellers and motivate them to sell properties on your time. Foreclosed homes in Florida are usually the ones that are cheaper than other real estate properties. They are highly in demand among real estate investors planning for house flipping or reselling. We bring motivated sellers and the best deals for your business and investment.


Pre-probate property data have the name and address of the property owner with a death record. Through solid and well-laid real estate networking, we delve deeper into verifying property leads to bringing the most authentic tips.


If government statistics are to be believed, more than 1 million couples divorce yearly, which gives rise to settling estates as part of the procedures. Although it's an unfortunate event, it does bring incredible opportunities for investors and real estate enthusiasts. We have a collection of such properties pending as part of divorce settlements.

Probate Sale

Probate Sale sells the property of a deceased who failed to leave behind a property will. With our real estate network, we find properties listed for probate sale and have enormous opportunities for investors.


Foreclosures are auction listings for properties brought with borrowed money. When the owner fails to repay the loan, the lender can sell the property and recover the loan amount. ForeclosureDaily brings information on foreclosed homes in FL for you.

Distressed Homeowners

We are also equipped with the leads of distressed homeowners motivated to sell their properties at a lower value than the market price. Get tips on distressed homeowners in your area by visiting Foreclosure Daily.

Absentee Owners

In real-estate terms, absentee owners legally own a particular property but do not actively manage it daily. We at ForeclosuresDaily, track such absentee owners and motivated sellers so that you can get the best real-estate leads on the market. These properties can be purchased for a bargain and flipped for an excellent profit.

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What is a foreclosure?

Foreclosure is the loan recovery process from properties where the owner turns a defaulter. Banks or private money lenders can list the foreclosed homes in Tampa, Florida, for auctions and get sellers for the same. For example, if a homeowner stops paying for the loan taken to purchase a home because of financial troubles, the property will be, by all means, in foreclosure. Technically this means that the ownership of the property will be switched from the owner to the one who provided the loan for the property.

Is there any difference between a short sale and foreclosure?

In a short sale, the property is sold at a price where the sum does not equate with the remaining mortgage amount. In a short sale, the entire transaction goes to the lender, who can decide whether to forego the remaining balance or go for a deficiency judgment where the homeowner has to pay the remaining balance.

In a foreclosure, the borrower holds onto the property and conducts a sale when the mortgage defaults. And if the property is sold for a significantly huge, then the balance left after paying the default amount, and the taxes will be returned to the homeowner.

What is the probable cause of foreclosure?

Medical emergencies or illnesses resulting in medical debt or excessive credit card debt can lead to foreclosures in Florida. Usually, when you buy expensive items like a property, you need to borrow a significant amount from money lenders like banks or other financial structures. And when you cannot repay the loan amount because of some unforeseen financial issue, the lender gets ownership of the property and lists it for sale to recover the loan amount.

You should also know that a foreclosure can affect your credit score and give you a hard time while applying for loans in the future or buying another property.

Which type of foreclosure leads to faster resolutions?

The non-judicial foreclosure is a faster and cheaper way for the lender to resolve a foreclosure. This type of foreclosure does not involve any lawsuit or court procedure, so it's faster.

In a judicial, the lender needs to file a lawsuit with the state court, and it includes a long legal procedure where the court summons the borrower and carries on the hearing for the same before finally resolving the issue. A non-judicial is like a tax deed sale where the lender does not need to go through a court process. The lender will send the owner a notice of delinquency and a time to pay off the debt. When the owner defaults even in the provided extended period, the property is deemed in a non-judicial foreclosure.

What is the minimum time to resolve a foreclosure sale in Tampa?

Typically a lender would require around 90 to 120 days to sell foreclosed homes in FL. However, this will be possible only when the procedure is non-judicial. But when the lender is not authorized to conduct a non-judicial foreclosure for a property and has to take the judicial path, it can be extended to several months to a few years for the process and the final resolution.

In the case of non-judicial processes, the lender should have a deed of trust that should be executed and recorded at the purchase or the loan agreement. This gives the lender the right to opt for a non-judicial foreclosure procedure in Florida

What is the average number of foreclosures in Florida every year?

The rate of foreclosures in Tampa is second in the nation. However, this is an improvement from what it was a decade back. From 2007 to 2016, around 400,000 foreclosures took place in Florida, where in December 2010 alone, 49,000 foreclosed homes remained vacant.
But now, with proper initiatives from the government, the significant issues of unemployment and economic distress are controlled to a great extent leading to good numbers in house ownership and decreasing foreclosures. As for the third quarter of 2019, only 2073 foreclosures occurred in Florida. With this, the homeownership rates in Florida in 2019 exceeded the national average of 67.4%.

What is the process of foreclosures in Florida?

Equally crucial in Florida is following the non-judicial process of acquiring a deed of trust during the purchase. And with this, the lenders get to proceed with the help of a trustee's sale and can avoid the judicial process, which takes longer to resolve. Once a property is listed for foreclosure in Florida, the foreclosure auction begins, where the property is finally sold to the highest bidder. The bidder has to deposit $10 000 for a successful bid and gets one business day to make the whole payment. With a successful bidding and final payment, the lender gets to recover the loan amount from the owner.

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