Inheritance real estate leads

Inheritances real estate is when someone dies, one of the recipients of the estate may receive a home. It is also possible that this person may want to cash out on the house. You will want to contact these people to find a motivated seller of real estate. Real estate inheritance leads to a great opportunity in the estate transfer of assets. There is a high probability that you will be able to get a deal on a home from someone that will take your offer seriously. Whether a realtor is seeking a listing source or an investor, you can't go wrong with Inheritance leads in real estate. has the freshest data turnaround to help you succeed in finding great real estate deals.

What is the difference between Inheritance and Probates?

Unlike probate leads, Inheritance leads consist of transferring real estate to heirs without probate court intervention. Estate planning requires no court intervention. Most important, inherited real estate ownership an adjudicated without court approval.

When it comes to inheritances, most property investors think of probates. Not all estates go through the probate process. Property transfer of titles from the deceased to their heirs uses other legal filings. Here are some examples:

  • Affidavit of Heirship
  • Transfer on Death Deeds
  • Executor Deeds
  • Estate Deeds
  • Trusts

These filings reflect folks who just inherited tangible property assets. Our Inheritance leads consist of only real estate. In addition, we go the extra mile and verify assessed property values and housing type and confirm the property is off-market.

What benefits of using our lists?

Who uses off-market real estate data? New and seasoned investors, Realtors, Attorneys, Hedge Funds, Wholesalers, and other real estate professionals. Our research will save you time to focus on revenue-generating activities such as wholesaling, rehabbing, and flipping properties. Uniquely, a realtor can benefit from using our lists by increasing their listings. Investors find good deals they otherwise would not have seen and off the retail grid. Attorneys benefit from using our lists by increasing their clients. Secondly, you will have access to the hottest investing leads nationwide. Beat the competition and get properties with actual equity from motivated sellers. Finally, gain a competitive advantage. Get to the deal first. We can gauge our success as a company by the success of our clients.

Unique marketing with Inheritances Leads?

Customers receive our marketing toolbox. Marketing probate real estate leads include using a 4 to 6-step mailing campaign over six months. Being first at the door and consistent with marketing is crucial when investing. Given that "The early bird gets the worm" and "The squeaky wheel gets the grease" are the key to success. Using unique marketing techniques will also help ensure that your mail gets opened. Special Marketing techniques include different-sized envelopes, colored letters, handwritten letters, and distinctive markings. In addition, statements on the back of the envelopes can also help. Postcards are the latest effective method—other techniques include boots on the ground.

Nothing beats knocking on doors. Employing all means necessary and taking a prisoner's approach makes it happen! What works for you depends on location demographics and other factors, including personal preferences.

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What is the Inheritances Leads difference?

Since 2004, we have supplied the industry's hottest off-market real estate leads. Our products include Foreclosure, Probate, Pre-probate, Inheritance, Divorce, Eviction, Code enforcement, etc. Raw data is cross-referenced and delivered in most states in one day. We get you first on the scene at warp speed—the advantage of finding real estate with actual equity from motivated sellers. Us doing the research will save you time, so you can focus on revenue-generating activities such as wholesaling, rehabbing, and flipping properties. Finding you a real estate deal is our mission. Furthermore, we gauge our success as a company by the success of our customers.

The last thing you want is to market to people with old data. We've heard horror stories of wasting time and money only to discover the real estate sold months ago. Don't let it happen to you.