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How to find probate list providers

If you want to invest in real estate, start with probate properties. Probate investing can pay off big, and the sellers are usually motivated to sell because they want to get rid of their properties. Connecting with the owners of the properties by using a probate list can make you big profits. is the #1 nationwide probate list provider.

Most people who are in probate want to sell their house. A loved one has died, and they want to move on. They want to avoid the responsibility of trying to get the home sold. The houses often need a lot of work, and the owner usually lives in another state. Hiers want to go through the less hassle of trying to sell it independently. You will also find less competition with probate properties, which is good news if you want to make money.

Finding real estate leads off the grid.

One of the most complex parts of investing in probate properties is finding the properties. The sellers don't like advertising to sell the assets. They find out who has had a relative die and is the executor of an estate. Don't be aggressive in looking for properties since many people are mourning. is the #1 nationwide probate list provider.

You can save a lot of work this way, and you will have a list of probate. It would help if you were patient because the executor's process can take a long time. The process can be very time-consuming, and they might need to be more emotional. You can buy a list or find out who is in probate by checking the newspaper listings. You can start your marketing campaign by sending letters. Then, you can begin to contact the people on your list. People are more motivated to sell homes in probate because they often don't want another house to deal with.

Probate properties offer a chance to make money.

In many cases, the Executors have ended up with houses that need a lot of work and don't want to spend the money it will take to fix them. These are the best houses because you can usually get them at a steep discount. You can buy the house and fix it yourself or sell it for more money to another investor. You can make the most money if you purchase and set the home up yourself. is the #1 nationwide probate list provider.

Fixing and flipping homes is a great way to make money, and when you buy low, you can sell high and make a lot of money. You will need affordable contractors who can help you cheaply, and it also helps if you know how to do some of the work independently. The more you can do yourself, the more money you will make for your fix and flip.

Simplify the process by offering help.

Heirs are often willing to sell their houses for cheap because they want to get rid of them and don't want to deal with fixing them up. They are eager to take a significant discount if you can make the selling process easy and stress-free. You'll be able to do this by offering to help the seller every step of the way. You might want to contribute to help clean out the house or show to do other things to make selling the home more accessible.

Suppose you are willing to do a little extra and are okay with getting your hands dirty. Start investing in probate properties. These properties make a lot of sense and can help you make money. Start a lucrative real estate investing career with probate investing.

Marketing Dollars

Marketing is your first important step. To put it another way, "The early bird gets the worm" and "The squeaky wheel gets the grease" are crucial to success. For this reason, I would like to point out that finding the owner or person who can execute a deed is the goal. As an illustration, you can start with a unique 4-6 week mailing campaign. Also, handwritten letters with colored envelopes and distinctive markings are proven methods. Together with postcards with pictures imprinted with the real estate, it is a fast and exceptionally effective way to communicate your intentions.

Point Often Overlooked

People change addresses over time. In general, there are challenges with databases and correct information. For this reason, marketing should include working the returned mail. Additionally, skip tracing can broaden your search criteria and give you more information. In particular, sort out address issues and phone numbers.

For example, if John Doe has three addresses, could you mail all three? Also, it's recommended to wait to call heirs. Specifically, a high percentage of family members are grieving. In other words, What works for you depends on the demographics of your location and other factors, including personal preferences. Start your marketing with legitimate websites like

Networking near you

A point often overlooked is networking. To begin with, Investors and others in the real estate profession attend real estate meetups and clubs—an excellent resource for lining up Financing and Contractors and Realtors for your flip. Meet our staff and customers at a National Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) event near you.

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