Finding the right property for real estate investment can be challenging, especially if you want to make a good profit. Probate Property Leads For Investors 

Who Are We?

Supplying the hottest probate real estate leads since 2004. Furthermore, many of our customers come by referral. Getting you first on the scene at warp speed with a real estate seller separates us from our others. In particular, new real estate is entering the market. Doing the research will save you time so that you can focus on revenue-generating activities of wholesaling, rehabbing, and flipping. To point out, we would like to gauge our success as a company by the success of our customers. Sign up for the probate leads platform.

The last thing you want is to market to people with old data. We've heard horror stories of wasting time and money only to discover the real estate sold months ago. Don't let it happen to you. We gauge our success as a company by the success of our customers.

Lead Generation for Real Estate 

  • Find Leads

    – Our dedicated research team looks at all public information sources to find probate and pre-probate properties. We also look for inheritance, reverse mortgages, auctions, absentee owners, and other properties. You will have a range of options. Our list of probate properties is comprehensive, so you'll find a good lead.

  • Refined Data

    – Unlike other companies, we don't provide raw, unfiltered data. Our team looks at court records, county records, tax files, and other sources to refine the data set. As a result, you get the latest and most accurate data. There are fewer chances of the lead being a dead-end.

  • Any Location

    – Most investors focus on profitable markets or properties close to their location. They are more comfortable dealing with prospects in the local market. We provide leads from almost every county in the US. For example, if you want to conduct a state or county probate search, we can help.

  • Daily Updates

    – Most companies that provide property leads only update their information once a week or monthly. The real estate investment industry is very fast-paced, so slow updates can cause a lot of frustration. We refine and add to our lists daily so you have the latest data.

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Why is Probate the Right Property for Investors? 

Probate or pre-probate property is an excellent opportunity for Probate Property Leads For Investors. Property is considered probate in the judicial system. The heir can legally sell the real estate with court approval. The pre-probate has yet to be filed in the clerk of the court. Approaching the owner before the paperwork reduces paperwork increases the chances of a sale. Here's a look at why finding probate properties is worth the effort:

  • Quick Deals probate property owners want to sell their assets quickly to move on with their lives. They don't want to wait months or even years to get the money from the property. Most Executors distribute the proceeds to different family members and heirs.
  • Cost - Off-market properties often sell at a lower cost. Sometimes, these properties are valued 30 to 40% lower than the market price, which means you can sell the property at a higher market price for a substantial profit. In most cases, these properties are precious and in reasonably good condition. You may not need to invest in repairs or upgrades.
  • Quick Sales – Some heirs inherit the property through trust and don't need to go through the probate process. This means you can work on buying or selling the property wholesale immediately after it is available. Quick sales mean you have money in your pocket quickly and can move on to other profitable investments.

The Process for Investors Who Buy Probate Property is Straightforward.

First, we sort and refine the raw data to ensure you have all the information needed to make a good deal. In addition, our researchers have multiple data sources, including governmental, public, and private authorities. The final product is probate property leads For the Investors.

Networking probate Leads

Investors and others in the real estate profession attend meetups and clubs—an excellent resource for networking for new and seasoned investors. Meet our staff and customers at an event nationwide—approved vendor at a National Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) event near you. See our calendar of upcoming EVENTS near you.

How Can You Sell Probate Property?

Not interested in long-term gains? Start wholesaling to get profits quickly. It only requires a little investment, and properties can sell soon in thriving markets. For example, a simple Miami-Dade probate search will reveal several good investment options for wholesalers.

Chose us for Property Leads has been a part of this industry since 2004. Unique with real estate Brokers and Realtors finding houses to list with the data. At the same time, our hardworking team is fearless in digging deep and getting the most reliable data, providing new data, and updating it regularly, which few other lead-generating companies can accomplish.

In particular, would you like to know more about Off-The-Retail Grid Leads? Please reach out to us. We'll be happy to help.

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