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Probate Real Estate Investing Nationwide

Probate real estate investing nationwide starts with a death filed with the Clerk of the Court. Investing in real estate encompasses marketing to off-the-retail grid real estate with equity.  Motivated sellers of homes often want to sell quickly in the probate process (the legal process of transferring the assets of a deceased person to heirs). Sign up and find Probate Real Estate Investing Nationwide.

Selling Properties Under Value?

Often, executors have a personal or close professional relationship with the decedent. That means they are likely going through a grieving process themselves or under pressure to help grieving heirs quickly settle the estate. The heirs or the executors most likely did not pay the mortgage for the home every month. Any cash received from the sale is usually seen as a windfall. Finally, the odds of an executor being a real estate professional are remote. These factors mean that the executor may not be willing to go through the time, effort, and money it takes to get top dollar for the decedent's property.

Many deceased homeowners have either paid off their mortgage or had a low mortgage balance. Typical probate lead has very high equity, leaving plenty of room to negotiate a fair price with the seller and giving you the potential for a significant profit margin.

Probates with real estate leads are, in actuality, inheritors of properties who are keen to sell off the properties for various reasons once the probate process on inheritance is over. The probable reasons for their minimal interest in the probate properties are –

  • I was living and working in another state or country and had no plans to return.
  • Need money.
  • Unnecessary burden and having no interest in spending money on the maintenance of the inherited properties.
  •  Selling for instant cash

Who uses Probate Investor Lists?

New and seasoned investors. In addition, Wholesalers, Realtors, Attorneys, and a wide variety of other real estate professionals on a national level.

Marketing Dollars

Marketing is your first important step. To put it another way, "The early bird gets the worm" and "The squeaky wheel gets the grease" are crucial to success. For this reason, I would like to point out that finding the owner or person who can execute a deed is the goal. As an illustration, you can start with a unique 4-6 week mailing campaign. Also, handwritten letters with colored envelopes and distinctive markings are proven methods. Together with postcards with pictures imprinted with the real estate, it is a fast and exceptionally effective way to communicate your intentions.

Point Often Overlooked

People change addresses over time. In general, there are challenges with databases and correct information. For this reason, marketing should include working the returned mail. Additionally, skip tracing can broaden your search criteria and give you more information. In particular, sort out address issues and phone numbers.

For example, if John Doe has three addresses, could you mail them all? Also, it's recommended to wait to call heirs. Specifically, a high percentage of family members are grieving. In other words, What works for you depends on the demographics of your location and other factors, including personal preferences. Start your marketing with legitimate websites like

Probate Investing Near You

A point often overlooked is networking. To begin with, Investors and others in the real estate profession attend real estate meetups and clubs—an excellent resource for lining up Financing and Contractors and Realtors for your flip. Meet our staff and customers at a National Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) event near you.

Benefits of Using Real Estate Lists

An Investor can benefit from probate real Estate investing nationwide in many ways. Firstly, our research will save them time to focus on revenue-generating activities such as wholesaling, rehabbing, and flipping properties. Realtors can benefit from using our lists by increasing their listings and helping their investor clients find good deals they otherwise would not have seen. An attorney can benefit from using our lists by increasing their clients. Secondly, using our lists, you will have access to the hottest Probate investing leads nationwide, beat the competition, and get properties with actual equity from sellers. Finally, I will learn insider tips and gain a competitive advantage. The only way to gauge our success as a Company is your success as a client.

What's the Difference Between Pre-Probate and Probate?

The difference between a Probate and a Pre-Probate;

  • Probate means filed in court.
  • Pre-probate means not filed with the court

Where Do You Get Real Estate Information?

In the first place, our research staff pulls our data daily from the Clerk of the Court. We cross-reference with the Property Appraiser, the Tax Department, and other proprietary processes.

What Extra Information can you Provide?

Data cross-referenced with the Clerk of the Court, Property Appraiser, and Tax Collector, to name a few. Please ask for a sample.

Fastest Turnaround in the Industry 

Our data is delivered daily.

What Format is the Data?

Firstly, the data is provided in Excel or CSV format, according to customer needs. Secondly, formatted columns for ease of mail merge and CRM uploading. 

New to Real Estate Investing

It is essential to realize real estate is competitive with seasoned investors. Are you changing your career? Are you a newbie? Have a Mentor or Coach or Trainer? Ready to find real estate with equity? If yes, you have come to where many have arrived and are now successful real estate investors.

Who are we?

We have been supplying the hottest Off-the-Retail-Grid-Real Estate Leads since 2004. Equally important, many of our customers come by referral. Our products include Probate Real Estate Leads entering the wholesale market. Getting you first on the scene at warp speed with a real estate seller separates us from others. Doing the research will save you time and money so that you can focus on activities such as wholesaling, rehabbing, and flipping. Furthermore, we gauge our success as a company by the success of our customers. Sign up for the probate leads platform.

What is the Difference?

The result is Probate Real Estate Investing Nationwide, provided by We connect our customers with motivated real estate sellers.

Unlike our competitors with a turnaround time of 1-3 months old leads. Foreclosures Daily understands the importance of having new data! We only supply you with Real Estate Leads that are fresh daily.

We have the beef if you're a new investor or a hedge fund—the most timely real estate information on the planet.