Lis-Pendens Leads

What are Lis-Pendens leads?

Lis-Pendens Leads are Foreclosures are associated with borrowers who fail to repay the loan amount to the lender. In the context of real estate, foreclosures happen when the owner of a property default on mortgage payments as a result of which the lender files a Lis Pendens. In such circumstances, where the owner has no other means to repay the due amount, three things are possible.  The homeowner still has possession and the right to sell or refinance the property. This represents a tremendous opportunity for home buyers and investors to make money in the real estate market. As a matter of fact, states that require judicial foreclosure actions, lenders traditionally file a lis pendens to foreclose on a mortgage or deed-of-trust loan that is in default.

Lis pendens leads are valuable data for a buyer or investor

In the first place, depending on the information, the buyer or investor can contact and counsel an owner who has been served a Lis Pendens in the pre-foreclosure period. This is beneficial in two ways. Equally important It gives you a fair chance for the distressed homeowner to sell off his property and arrange for funds with facing foreclosure.  Lis pendens real estate leads are excellent opportunity to the buyer or the investor to strike gold.

Furthermore Lis-Pendens leads are available nationwide. If your in AZ, CA, FL, GA, PA, TX, VA, and most nationwide states. Detailed information of the property owner, lender, address, brief description of the property, sale amount, sale date and other relevant details. Furthermore information is generally obtained from public records, the website of the county clerk and other such reliable sources.

What is the ProbatesDaily difference?

Furthermore raw data is cross referenced with the Clerk of the Court, Property Appraiser, Tax Department. The end result is real estate leads.  We connect our customers with motivated real estate sellers.  We deliver fresh new data daily.  

Most Companies do not provide daily fresh data. They typically provide quarterly or monthly data, and do not usually farm for real estate. This means you would be marketing to people who have no property to sell and are at a minimum of 1-3 months old. 

Furthermore understanding the importance of real estate marketing is essential. Additionally what sets us apart from our competitors, is having fresh leads. We get you to motivated sellers first. All purchases include our ForeclosuresDaily marketing toolbox.

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