Lis Pendens leads


Lis Pendens leads

Lis Pendens Leads are Foreclosures associated with borrowers who fail to repay the loan amount to the lender. In real estate, foreclosures happen when the owner of property defaults on mortgage payments; as a result, the lender files a Lis Pendens. There are three possible reasons for the owner not repaying the due amount. The homeowner still has possession and the right to sell or refinance the property. They create a tremendous opportunity for home buyers and investors to make money in real estate. In states that require judicial foreclosure actions, lenders traditionally file a Lis Pendens to foreclose on a mortgage or deed-of-trust loan in default. Get Real-Time Genuine Lis-Pendens.

Are you competing for real estate?

First, off-market real estate is for sale but has yet to be listed on multiple listing services (MLS). Specifically, they’re not publicly advertised and are an excellent buying opportunity off the retail radar. A financial dilemma may arise, and an owner is looking to exit the property quickly.

Lis Pendens is valuable data for a buyer or investor.

The buyer or investor can contact an owner of a Lis Pendens filed. Equally important, It gives you a fair chance for the distressed homeowner to sell off his property and arrange for funds facing foreclosure. Lis pendens and real estate leads are excellent opportunities for investors to find real estate with equity off the retail grid. Furthermore, Lis Pendens' real estate leads are available nationwide. Our platform includes detailed information about the property owner, lender, address, brief property description, sale amount, sale date, and other relevant details.

Tips for Lis Pendens Real Estate Leads 

As an illustration, to profit from Lis Penden houses, you must have the facts first. For this reason, finding real estate that has yet to reach the retail market is essential to your success. A point often overlooked in a business plan structure is the budget and goals. It will reward you with a successful profit within your plan. For example, I'd like you to focus on houses with equity since this is the value of the real estate. This value is what you use in planning budgets for renovations and marketing. After the upgrades, the overall value will increase. In the final analysis, equity and capitalization starts with a plan to purchase houses for profit.

When borrowing capital is part of your business plan, entering and exiting real estate with a timeline is essential for a profit. Lenders are in business to make money. Getting favorable lending terms is necessary.

Double Close Strategy with Lis Pendens

As an illustration, as its name suggests, the double-close strategy is to have the right to real estate with minimal investment outlay. In particular, a contract assignment gives the sole right to sell the real estate. Then, turn around and sell for a profit in a short period. As a result, this is considered a fast flip with minimum cash investment.

In a state or city near you

A point often overlooked is networking. To begin with, Investors and others in the real estate profession attend real estate meetups and clubs—an excellent resource for lining up financing, contractors, and realtors for your flip. Meet our staff and customers at a National Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) event near you.

Who are we?

Supplying the industry's hottest off-market real estate leads. Many of our customers have come by referral since 2004. Getting you first on the scene at warp speed with a real estate seller separates us from our competitors. Our data consists of only real estate entering the wholesale market and off the retail grid. Our Products are Foreclosure and Lis Pendens. Doing the research will save you time so that you can focus on revenue-generating activities such as wholesaling, rehabbing, and flipping.

Furthermore, we gauge our success as a company by the success of our customers. The last thing you want is to market to people with old data. We have heard horror stories of wasting time and money only to discover the real estate sold months ago. Do not let it happen to you.

What is the difference?

We only provide real estate data. We connect our customers with real estate sellers. Our process encompasses input from the court clerk, the property appraisers, public notices, and other filters. The result is fresh real estate leads. Unlike our competitors, who have a turnaround time of 1-3 months, understands the importance of having new data! We only supply you with genuine Lis Pendens real estate leads that are fresh daily. Since 2004, we have been a leader in the industry for detailed real estate information.

Lis Pendens