First-time real estate investor: Get started with off-market leads





Who are We?

Supplying the hottest real estate leads since 2004. Furthermore, many of our customers come by referral. Getting you first on the scene at warp speed with a real estate seller separates us from our others. In particular, new real estate is entering the market. Doing the research will save you time so that you can focus on revenue-generating activities. To point out, we would like to gauge our success as a company by the success of our customers. First-time real estate investor: Get started with off-market leads.

The last thing you want is to market to people with old data. We’ve heard horror stories of people wasting time and money only to discover that the real estate was sold months ago. Don’t let it happen to you.

Real Estate Below Retail Prices

Off-market properties are homes for sale but not listed on a local multiple listing service (MLS). Because they’re not advertised publicly. Off-market leads are an opportunity to scoop up deals. In the final analysis, there may be a financial dilemma or an owner looking to exit the property quickly.

First-Time Real Estate Investor Flipping Homes?

Flipping a home involves buying a house that needs cosmetic or structural improvements and quickly making those improvements for a quick resale. Getting such good leads, however, requires some work. Off-market leads include life-changing events such as Inheritance, Probate, or Divorce, and they are considered motivated sellers of real estate. There is an urgency to sell at the retail pricing below. We do all the research so you can concentrate on being more competitive. First-time real estate investor: Get started with Off-the-Grid-Retail Leads.

Properties Under Market Value?

Absentee property owners are individuals who own real estate properties. But they do not reside on the premises. They could be homeowners who have moved to a different location or property investors who own rental properties. Also, individuals who have inherited properties in areas far from their primary residence. What characterizes absentee owners is their physical absence from the property they own.

  • Motivations for selling properties: Why do they do it?

Several factors can influence their decision to put their properties on the market:

  1. Financial goals
    Many absentee owners are investors seeking to capitalize on their property’s appreciation over time. They may sell when they believe they’ve reached a favorable profit margin.
  2. Maintenance and management
    Managing a property from afar can be challenging. Absentee owners may choose to sell if they need help handling maintenance or tenant-related matters.
  3. Change in circumstances
    Many life circumstances, like job relocation and changes in family situations, can cause absentee owners to sell their properties.
  4. Inheritance
    Some absentee owners inherit properties that could be more practical to keep, leading them to sell and distribute the proceeds among beneficiaries.





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New to Real Estate Investing

Are you changing your career? Are you ready to find real estate with equity at wholesale prices? If yes, you have come to where many have arrived and are now successful real estate investors.

First-Time Investors are Finding Equity Off the Grid

A “motivated seller” is a property owner willing to sell the home below market value. The term could also refer to someone who would considerably sell their property with terms that favor you. Some favorable real estate terms include no money down, interest only, or creative financing.  Sometimes, you’ll find a seller that meets many of these criteria. Often, a motivated seller has a strict timeline that they are trying to meet. For instance, they aim to move the property quickly because you are ready to purchase within hours.

It often is when something seems too good to be true in life. However, certain real estate investments buck the trend and are the exception when capitalized effectively.

Real Estate Investors Networking

Investors and others in the real estate profession attend meetups and clubs—an excellent resource for networking for new and seasoned investors. Meet our staff and customers at an event nationwide—approved vendor at a National Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) event near you. See our calendar of upcoming EVENTS near you.

Well-Versed Team for First-Time Investors

We have decades of experience in the real estate industry. Our highly skilled professionals are committed to providing unparalleled personalized services to all our customers.

Investor Tips for Real Estate Deals

As an illustration, to profit from probate houses, you must have the facts first. For this reason, finding real estate that has yet to reach the retail market is essential to your success. A point often overlooked in a business plan structure is the budget and goals. It will reward you with a successful profit within your plan. For example, I’d like you to focus on houses with equity since this is the value of the real estate. This value is what you use in planning budgets for renovations and marketing. After the upgrades, the overall value will increase. In the final analysis, equity and capitalization starts with a plan to purchase houses for profit.

When borrowing capital is part of your business plan, entering and exiting real estate with a timeline is essential for a profit. Lenders are in business to make money. Getting favorable lending terms is necessary.

Below-Retail Price

Generally, a wholesale deal is a short-term real estate investment strategy to realize relatively fast profits. Probate real estate leads help you find houses that can be purchased for less than their market value. Once a property has been identified, one of two wholesale strategies is to pay cash for a quick deed transfer or double-close strategy.

Double Close Strategy with Probate Leads 

As an illustration, as its name suggests, the double-close strategy is to have the right to real estate with minimal investment outlay. In particular, a contract assignment gives the sole right to sell the real estate. Then, turn around and sell for a profit in a short period. As a result, this is considered a fast flip with minimum cash investment.

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