Top 15 Platforms for Finding Probate Leads


Top 15 Platforms for Finding Probate Leads


Are you looking for the top listing sites to get probate leads? From ForeclosuresDaily to ListSource, we have compiled a list of the top websites where you can find authentic probate leads.

But before we get to the listing, let’s first understand probate

Probate means transferring property rights to a legal successor. This can be with or without a legal will. If it’s without a legal will, the probate court takes over the matter.

The real problem is finding potential owners motivated to sell fast and at wholesale prices. Probate leads are the leading marketing source in the real estate industry. The wholesale real estate market consists of residential houses. Many real estate investors avoid the associated litigation in probate legal cases.

Your Money

Working with probate leads can be time-consuming in obtaining the data and marketing. The wholesale and retail markets are competitive, and marketing the leads will be your most significant expense. To be competitive, start with timely, accurate data and marketing campaigns.

But before we move on to a list of sites that offer high-value probate leads, let’s first break down this concept.

What are probate leads?

Probate leads are real estate assets that will be sold from a deceased person. Let’s simplify: After a person has passed away, their property becomes available for sale. This can also be real estate. These properties are called probate leads.

Why pick probate leads?

The reasons why you should be interested in probate leads are:

  • There is meager competition for probate assets
  • Probate properties are wholesale pricing and more value
  • The price is lower than retail and has more built-in equity
  • They have a stable value and aren’t impacted by market value
  • Economic conditions don’t affect probate value

Probate sales vs regular sales

Probate is the wholesale market and not retail. 

Let’s get into more details.

Legal restrictions imposed

For example, Alabama and Connecticut have different laws regarding probate assets. Navigating the legal process to find a great deal is critical. Attorneys help navigate real estate investors.

Probate properties are accessible

Probate properties are usually listed on many lead sites, making them easy to find. Sometimes, newspaper columns and court records list these properties, which differs from regular property listings. 

Fixed value vs market value

The pricing of probate estates doesn’t vary. Probate court orders are binding, so there’s no scope for varying prices. Now, that’s not the same with standard retail listed properties. 

Average properties don’t have fixed values. Their value depends on market value and people’s demand. This is why investors consider probate leads to have more excellent value. A high percentage of probate real estate has built-in equity.

Where can you find probate leads?

Finding probate leads is easy: Getting your money’s worth is essential to success.

Court records

Finding the actual data of probate leads in the probate court is easy. But is it? Records are constantly updated as court proceedings flow and need to be researched. Probate data, such as property appraisers and the real estate tax department, must be cross-referenced.

Real Estate network

Real estate networks are close-connection-based systems that involve three individuals: the interested buyer, the heir of the deceased, and the real estate investor.

Investors and others in the real estate profession attend real estate meetups and clubs, which are excellent resources for lining up financing, contractors, and realtors for your flip. Meet our staff and customers at a National Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) event near you.


Are you aware that attesting probate auctions is a way to find probate properties? Probate listings go for auction after the court has approved them. These auctions are where you’ll get details of the properties. Auctions can be a hotspot for real estate investors. Auctions are competitive and attract retail buyers.

How to Pick the Right Leads

Get to find the right websites that publish leads

These sites offer a bucket of potential leads. We’ve even mentioned them below.

Instead of searching randomly online and wasting your valuable time, find a platform that will get you results.

Not all websites are created the same or offer the same service. The difference is getting to the person who can execute a deed or enter a contract for sale. It is essential to spend your time and money carefully when choosing a lead provider.

Probate lawyers are beneficial

Investors can be equally effective in finding successful probate leads. Real estate investors have mutual groups and social media communities. Networking with probate attorneys and investors can help them find property leads.

Probate investor community as these investors are always searching for better properties around the US.

Whether that be Tennessee or Alabama, name it, and you’ll find probate investors.

Follow newspaper listings 

Now, newspaper listings aren’t always as great as the listed sites, but they can sometimes be instrumental. Well, yes, this is the traditional way of finding all potential leads.

Following the Uniform Probate Code, publishing a legal disclaimer listing the probate property is mandatory so that the creditors are notified. This disclaimer has to be for 2-3 weeks, so always search the newspaper property column.

Many USA dailies contain such property listings and especially mention which ones are probate properties.


Now, MLS is another place to find leads. In these listings, you, as an investor, can directly get some information in one place.

MLSs tend to be outdated spreadsheets containing potential property leads. They work more as cooperative acts by different investors. Where possible, properties are listed as not for sale.

Must-visit Platforms to Find Probate Leads

A database where an investor can find potential probate leads.

Information on where real estate investors can find motivated sellers of real estate properties.

Let’s now find out all the potential sites that offer genuine leads:

1. ForeclosuresDaily


ForeclosuresDaily has been a real estate lead provider in the probate industry since 2004. Its reputation comes from client testimonials and referrals, which are available on YouTube.

This site provides an authentic, up-to-date leads platform for realtors, investors, and wholesalers.

But why will you still choose ForeclosuresDaily?

They specialize in data only. They approved marketing toolbox vendors.

This service gets you the fastest turnaround data in the industry.

We liked the honest client testimonial videos as their platform.

Pro: Easy to use platform. Fastest turnaround, 95% success rate in closing a deal. Marketing toolbox

Cons: No app available.

Cost for investors: Prices are based on demographic area. Sign up now to get the offers. New customer discount.

Services: Offers probate leads hot off the press

Available in: LinkedIn, Facebook, website

2. PropertyRadar


This one has an extensive database, as they first acquire and use machine learning to process vast data of probate properties.

Some cool features of this service are its mobile app and the overall property information. They’re more like a data scraping service but are about probate leads.

Pro: Cost

Cons: Data is outdated

Cost for investors: Starts from $99 monthly on an individual plan

Services: Provides real estate

Available in: App Store, Play Store

3. Mashvisor


They provide a complete MLS for all probate assets and spot all beneficial investments. The best thing we noticed is that they have a user-friendly interface and use third-party house-renting services to map the data.

We liked how they provide an area-wise search for leads in the USA.

Pro: Cost

Cons: Incomplete or outdated data.

Cost for investors: Starts from $24.99 monthly.

Services: Provides leads for investors and property managers.

Available in: LinkedIn, Facebook.

4. Zillow


You can search for a probate property by entering the area in their website search bar or see if the real estate you’re interested in getting information on is listed.

This site offers other services besides giving probate leads, like renting homes and mortgaging.

Pro: Cost.

Cons: Incomplete and outdated data. Time consuming.

Services: Real estate leads for homes and rentals.

Available in: Play Store, App Store.

5. Flipscout by New Silver


This site offers real income to investors for real estate, acting more as a tool to search for real estate properties. It works like a search engine, with probable probate properties by zip code.

There aren’t many “free” lead services, but this site is worth checking out. You can even check the ROI when you’re getting a lead, get an instant alert when a new lead comes in, and access data from many investors.

Pro: Cost

Cons: Incomplete or outdated data.

Cost for investors: Free.

Services: Gets services for probate asset leads and also has services for flip investors.

Available in: LinkedIn, Facebook.

6. RefWorks


This site gets you real estate leads through a dedicated search function, analyses for a profit, and uses a vast source to negotiate on the deal.

It’s a simple process and a complete software tool methodically shaped for generating leads.

Pro: Cost.

Cons: Incomplete or outdated data.

Cost for investors: Single plan, $150 monthly.

Services: Get active leads, have a multi-dimensional search for custom leads, and predict value through automated valuation technology.

Available in: Website.



This one provides probate properties and approximate values. Its system is based on a real estate database of court cases.

Pro: Easy to navigate.

Cons: Incomplete or outdated data.

Cost for investors: Starts from $99 monthly.

Services: Direct probate property address and valuation details.

Available in: Website

8. BatchLeads


You connect directly with their platform for probate real estate.

This site provides direct leads to various real estate professionals.

Pro: Cost.

Cons: Incomplete or outdated data.

Cost for investors: $99 monthly.

Services: The best part is that this site directly aids investors with short-term courses, creates an investor community, and even offers courses for lead generation.

Available in: Google Store, App Store.

9. Offrs


They generate probate leads using AI, which sounds pretty efficient.

They go the extra mile, claiming their AI model is 72% accurate.

Pro: Cost.

Cons: Incomplete or outdated data.

The cost for investors is $399 for unlimited sellsellers’ormation and $699 for AI-based leads.

Services: Provides exclusive leads for real estate investors and a guide for listing leads.

Available on: Facebook, website.

10. USLeadList


Their one offers probate leads and focuses primarily on real estate marketing.

They claim to be getting better data than the cumulative data presented by most lead generation brands, as they offer leads on a proprietary basis.

Pro: Cost.

Cons: Incomplete or outdated data.

Cost for investors: Free.

Services: They offer probate leads for all real estate types, from rural to urban.

Available in: Email, website.

11. US Probate Leads


This one seems like a promising lead generation company. They generate almost 50,000 leads every month.

Moreover, they cover a large pool of countries.

Pro: Cost.

Cons: Incomplete or outdated data.

Cost for investors: It has a free quote option.

Services: Provides probate leads for investors.

Available on Facebook, LinkedIn, and website.



We found this one a solid app-based platform for investors and homeowners searching for probate properties.

Pro: Nationwide.

Cons: Incomplete or outdated data.

Services: Provides services for customized searching of probate leads.

Available in: Google Play, App Store.

13. DealMachine


Now, we are intrigued by the services offered by this site.

As an investor, you use their AI assistant and use it to send emails and text messages to many potential clients.

Pro: Cost.

Cons: Incomplete or outdated data.

Cost for investors:  $129 as starting cost

Services: It offers unlimited contact for real estate investors, automated marketing for property owners, and an AI-based smart list.

Available on Facebook, LinkedIn

14. Listsource


From probate real estate to homeowners, this site provides services for lead generation.

Pro: Cost

Cons: Incomplete or outdated data.

Cost for investors: There are two options, a subscription-based and a pricing per leads-based.

Services: Provides customized leads.

Available in: Website

15. Propstream


They offer lead generation by narrowing down 155 million properties, and their MLS history has 70+ million probate properties.

Pro: Cost.

Cons: Incomplete or outdated data.

Cost for investors: Free for mobile search, starting price at $27.

Services: Offers 10k property listing downloads monthly, scanning 2k properties.

Available on Facebook, YouTube, and website.



These tips will surely help you find excellent probate properties by browsing potential sites and brands offering leads.

Always remember that millions of probate estates surfacing on the internet, but not all are genuine or timely. The right platform matters for you to get the best leads!



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