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Who are we?

Since 2004 we have supplied the industry's hottest off-market real estate leads. Find real estate at wholesale prices. Raw data is cross-referenced and delivered to you in one day in most states. We get you first on the scene at warp speed—the advantage of finding real estate with actual equity from motivated sellers. Our products consist of foreclosures, Probate, Pre-probate, Inheritance, Divorce, Eviction, Code enforcement, and more. Us doing the research will save you time, so you can focus on revenue-generating activities such as wholesaling, rehabbing, and flipping properties. Finding you a real estate deal is our mission. Furthermore, we gauge our success as a company by the success of our customers.

The last thing you want is to market to people with old data. We've heard horror stories of wasting time and money only to find out the real estate sold months ago. Don't let it happen to you.

Is Realtor Listing Platform important?

We live in a world where almost everything has an online presence. The real estate industry, too, has evolved and followed suit. In a recent study, about 51% of homeowners found their homes over the internet, steadily rising. About 33% of those buyers also found their real estate agents online; realtor listings in Florida matter. If you are apprehensive about posting your active listings online, thinking that people might do it all by themselves, you are wrong! 9 out of 10 buyers don't go forward with a deal without help from a real estate agent. The online listings give them an idea about the properties available and are also a great marketing strategy to woo more customers.

What is a multiple listings service?

An excellent real estate agent won't bother you with all the different properties available in your target area; Instead, they will use CMA or Comparative Market Analyses. Find Properties that are within your budget. Listings come into the picture  Agents get all the data they need from multiple listings services. The fact that listings are updated regularly – sometimes to add new data or new properties- makes them compelling and essential. These thus allow agents and buyers to get a jump start in a competitive market. Not all  Listings add value to the credibility of real estate agents and satiate the curiosity of interested property buyers. They are also a great source of valid information instead of half-baked truths.

Unique marketing with Realtor Listing Platform

We recommend using a 4 to 6-step mailing campaign for marketing probate real estate leads over the next six months. Being first at the door and consistent with marketing is crucial when investing. Given that "The early bird gets the worm" and "The squeaky wheel gets the grease" are the key to success, unique marketing techniques will also help open your mail. Special Marketing techniques include different sized envelopes, colored letters, handwritten letters, and distinctive markings. In addition, statements on the back of the envelopes can also help. Postcards are the latest effective method.

Competitor of MSL that realtors use?

Not retail

How do we collect data for real estate listings?

Coming up with property listings isn't easy and requires tons of effort from our end. Cross-checking the data is the first step to getting the data. Realtors and real estate agents constantly try to reach out and build new relationships. Meeting like-minded people interested in all things real estate is an excellent way of starting. Sooner or later, you will get some leads from them, or they'll benefit from you.
It would be a mistake not to help social media in today's digital age. It is one of the quickest ways of reaching out to people and is also a great source of information. Creating social media accounts on different platforms and displaying your real estate stock and the previous deals you've successfully closed is a great way to connect with your target audience. The next time your contacts need help, they'd know where to find you.
Strategic targeting is always of help! There are certain demographics in the society who at some point in their lives would inherit properties, which they may or may not keep probably because they do not wish to maintain another piece of real estate, or perhaps the property is too far off, or simply because the property needs much maintenance. Divorced couples, too, at times, look to sell their shared property and start afresh.

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Nationwide Realtor Listing Platform

#1 Realtor Listings source in almost every state in the country. Another critical point is real estate networking. A point often overlooked is real estate meetups and clubs. There are plenty of resources for new and seasoned investors who Are approved vendors nationwide. Meet our staff at an event near you  Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin  Calendar of events here

Well-Versed Team

In particular, our highly skilled professionals are committed to providing unparalleled personalized services of high quality to all our clients. In other words, we make sure that our investors find pre probate leads that are motivated, real estate sellers.

Massive List of Properties in Inventory

As a matter of fact, most metropolitan cities have up to billions of dollars in assets in probate real estate.

Why Buy A Probate House?

Moreover, buying a house at wholesale prices is the key to success. Mainly, probate properties are valuable and can help buyers get a great deal when purchasing a home. Let's not forget an excellent source for realtors; for instance, the number one benefit of buying probate houses is getting wholesale prices. The heirs to the property are generally willing to sell for considerably lower prices than the market value.

On the other hand, they do not intend to keep the property. Not to mention, heirs are motivated sellers. In particular, a lower purchase price makes it convenient to obtain financing. Additionally, buying low increases the possibility of making some desirable changes and reselling the house at a profit. Thus, investing in off-market real estate leads and increasing your listing is a recipe for success  Especially leads for sale can be highly time-consuming. Equally important, professionals have a wealth of knowledge in the real estate industry, conduct detailed research, and find all the imperative information regarding the best probates. We maximize your comfort by doing all the necessary work for you, and all you have to do is focus on the results.

Benefits of Realtor Listing Platform

  • E-commerce and social networking have made things much more manageable. Online platforms for real estate listings have been of much help to the industry and are an excellent source of relevant information.
    Good property listings attract people's attention and get the maximum response, as more and more people depend on the internet to find the right property.
    Proper listing allows potential buyers to get a rough idea of what's on offer and thus leads to better quality leads.
    Homeowners and real estate agents do not waste time on casual buyers' Off-market leads, not retail.


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