ProbatesDaily.com is top destination for up-to-date, detailed residential realtor leads in the United States. We help you find authentic and relevant probate and pre probate listings. We have a physical presence throughout the United States.
Connecting buyers with motivated sellers, since 2004.

Looking for the Most Detailed Realtor Leads that are off the retail grid? 

We have been helpings realtors and brokers find listings since 2004. Help sellers, sell there home.  Find real estate Leads, that consists of motivated real estate sellers, that have not reach the retail market yet. ProbatesDaily.com leads is the wholesale market.  Our leads are fresh and a great lead resource.  We get you to the deal.

Realtors need listings?  Motivated sellers want to Sell fast? 

Probatesdaily.com ensures valuable probate data nationwide. We make sure that all realtors and brokers are presented with the most  details that help them expand their business efficiently.

We help our realtors, investors, and real estate buyers in gaining access to the most and advanced real estate data. Connecting you with someone that wants to list there real estate fast. Our researchers scour the country to freshly update real estate data on a daily basis.Our researchers work tirelessly to bring you the data fast. When you sign up for our real estate  leads, you’ll be instantly be connected to high-ROI property deals nationwide.

Visit our real estate events and keep updated with new developments in the real estate industry. This helps our realtors to align their business with advanced resources and to keep up with the evolving times.

Probate real estate leads nationwide have proven to be of great significance as they providing opportunities for successful  real estate investors and realtors. The data processed fast, as we say hot off the press. Experience the ForeclosuresDaily difference.

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Competitor of MSL that realtors use?

No. ProbatesDaily.com and ForeclosuresDaily.com are wholesale.

Why ProbatesDaily.com realtor leads?

The Best Residential Property Leads in the Country. Our probate | pre probate real estate leads are the most well-researched, advanced, leads in the country. Our leads range from large houses to condos. There’s nothing that we don’t cover. As an investor, we understand that the most important thing to you is being able to identify a good financial opportunity. Our listings are designed to let you know immediately the financial and physical property details so you can make a sound investment.

Most important, is our leads are fresh and only are real estate leads. In warp speed time, the leads are ready for you.  Experience the Foreclosures difference. Since 2004 we have been supplying the leads and lists.

US Nationwide Listings

We have listings in almost every state in the country and so we can help you find foreclosure properties that are right for you at your desired location. You can find our pre probates real estate leads and probate leads listings in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Anaheim, Atlanta, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Bradenton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Indianapolis, and all other major U.S. areas.

Well-Versed Team

Decades of experience in the real estate industry. In particular, our highly skilled professionals are committed to providing unparalleled personalized services of high-quality to all our clients. In other words, we make sure that our investors find pre probate leads that are motivated real estate sellers.

Massive List of Properties in Inventory

Most metropolitan cities have up to billions of dollars in assets in probate real estate. Our leads are only real estate leads and lists.

Why Buy A Probate House?

Moreover, buying a house in pre probate or probate wholesale is key on a home.  Particularly, probate properties and foreclosures are valuable and can help the buyers get a great deal when purchasing house.

For instance, the number one benefit of buying probate houses is, you’re getting wholesale prices. The heirs to the property are generally willing to sell for prices that are considerably lower than the market value. On the other hand, they do not intend to keep the property. Not to mention, heirs are motivated sellers. In particular a lower purchase price makes it convenient to obtain the financing. Additionally, buying low increases the possibility of making some desirable changes and reselling the house at a profit. Thus, investing in pre probate properties can help you earn a good amount of money.

Especially, US Probate Leads for sale can be an extremely intensive process. Considering, Probatedaily.com, professionals have a wealth of knowledge in the real estate industry conduct detailed research and find all the imperative information regarding the best probate investing leads in the USA. We maximize your comfort by doing all the necessary work for you and all you have to do is focus on the results.


Probate real estate leads are highly efficient and can provide you maximum profit.

  • They help Investors to get the best price for properties and flip them for major profit.
  • Our list of pre probate real estate leads and foreclosures highly valuable for the realtors finding listings.
  • Real estate buyers and sellers.
  • Connecting motivated buyers to motivated sellers.
  • Estate attorneys

Real estate investor, find there’s no better way to make money. Foreclosuresdaily only has and up-to-date probate and foreclosure listings. When you partner with Probatedaily.com, you will receive remarkable services as a result of our decades of experience in the real estate industry. Our probate real estate listing and leads are your key to success in this market worth millions of dollars.

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