Realtor listing tips in Phoenix

Perhaps the biggest problem that new real estate agents face is getting realtor listings in Phoenix. It is worth noting that getting sellers to list with you is a sure way of getting a commission when the property sells. On the other hand, if you’re working with a buyer and don’t have a listing agreement, you risk losing money and your commission. We’ve seen this happen far too often, and it’s pretty painful. So, here are our tips for all the new real estate agents who aren’t afraid of getting out of their comfort zone and making some money!

Reach out to everyone and talk about real estate

Grab your phone and talk to whomever you can. Call your best friend and even the guy you met the other day at the gym. Call anyone and everyone and build your network. Let people know that you are in the real estate industry and the go-to guy for buying and selling properties. Find out if any of your contacts is planning on moving. Sooner or later, at least one or two of your contacts would be able to hook you up with someone who needs assistance in finding a decent property. However, growing clientele takes time, and you’d have to be patient in the initial days. Create a spreadsheet and follow up with your contacts/ clients to better know where you stand with your prospects. Realtor listing tips in Phoenix.

Cold calls and door-knocks still work in this age!

One of the most challenging ways of getting business, but it may work well for you if you keep at it. At Foreclosures Daily, we have a detailed list of all potential, expired, and canceled listings. So, by going through our realtor listings in Phoenix, you’d at least get a leg up in the business. While cold-calling or door-knocks aren’t everyone’s forte, a face-to-face chat often gets the job done or creates an impression.

Realtor listing tips in Phoenix, should you invest in yourself? 

We don’t have to tell you how important social media has become in the last 5-6 years and how it can help promote your realtor listings in Houston. However, if you are relatively new to the industry or just starting, it may seem like a daunting task to cut through the social media clamor and find out how it can be of real help. Even if you’ve never really used it for marketing work-related things, chances are, you already have a social media account, so a simple post letting people know about your listing can be a great start. Realtor listing tips in Phoenix

How important a role do social media and open houses play?

Open houses have always been a great way of finding potential buyers – allowing them to explore the property independently. Every time you hold an open house, your listing pops up on notable realtor listings in Phoenix and online portals, thus giving it renewed attention. However, when you can’t, offer a Livestream tour of the home. Hosting a virtual tour of the property and answering the most common questions is a great way of catching people’s attention. There’s more to it! Almost 90% of people use the internet to search for properties. Sometimes, they see a photo and the info that comes with the realtor listings in Phoenix. So, change the cover photo periodically to attract more attention because what appeals to one person may not appeal to another. While computers and smart devices have indeed become a great way of connecting with people and marketing properties, sometimes, getting away from the computer and interacting with people in the real world also helps in a big way. At Foreclosures Daily, we recommend real estate agents and brokers look beyond the scope of the internet and try building real-world connections with people. The thing about real estate is that almost everyone can be a potential buyer. So, don’t hesitate to talk to people. Invite a friend for coffee and mention your listing, and they might be able to help.

Hosting an open house and reaching out to old clients

Open houses are a great way of getting people’s attention. Imagine someone out on a leisurely Sunday drive, notices the open house sign, and decides to check out the place. Open houses are a great way to get people from nearby areas to check out the listing. Naturally, showing the house in person has a greater appeal than going through many photos. That is not all! If you have past clients who’ve happily bought properties from you, they can be an excellent source to connect. They can perhaps hook you up with someone who, too, is looking for a property.

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Unique marketing

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Foreclosures Daily has been the #1 destination for realtor listings in Phoenix since 2004. We examine case files and bring out detailed information of properties, thereby giving our clients a concise yet clear understanding of the physical and financial aspects of the property. In short, we do the labor-intensive and crucial job of compiling all data so that agents, brokers, and even buyers can focus on the property without worrying about the authenticity of the data. So, feel free to deep dive into our listing browse original neighborhood photos, local insights, and resident reviews to understand the property better–whether it suits your requirement and is within your budget.
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