What are Pre-probates Leads?

Obituaries are Pre-Probate Leads with real estate of recently deceased person scrubbed to verify if they own any real estate in the county they lived before the unfortunate life event. Property records Obituaries also referred to as pre-probates.  Pre-Probates Leads are an excellent lead source! Pre-Probate leads is typically aggregated a very short time after the death. The benefits of working a Pre-Probate lists is that you will be one of the first at the door! An additional advantage is that some of these people will inherit the property via a trust and may not have to go through the Probate process at all. Sometimes these people may be able to sell their property right away!

Not all obituaries end up as Probate filling as some of the deceased may have planned the estate in advance  for various tax and non-tax benefits.

Pre-probate leads are the obituary records with deceased owning real estate property. Search will be done  by  date of death (before probate is filed),

What’s the difference between Pre-Probate and Probate?

The difference between a Probate and a Pre-Probate leads is;

  • Probate means that the Probate has already been filed in the Court.
  • Pre-Probate means that the Probate has yet to be filed.